About Us

Based in Amersham, UK, BioVacc Consulting Ltd was established in January 2016 with the aim of providing support on Vaccines to the pharmaceutical industry, academia, research organisations, charities, funding bodies and government. We have significant experience in both the human and veterinary vaccine pharmaceutical industries, and our Managing Director, Dr Michael Francis was responsible for the development of successful commercial vaccines for all major pet and livestock (including aquaculture) species. These vaccines utilise both conventional (attenuated and inactivated) and novel (recombinant, subunit, etc.) technologies. This puts us in a somewhat unique position to support and help with a very broad range of vaccine research and development requirements.

Dr Francis has been a Senior Executive within the vaccine pharmaceutical industry with recognised technical and managerial skills, and over 40 years of experience.

Some of Dr Francis’s key achievements include:
  • Successfully managing the development of many new vaccines for all major veterinary species.
  • Developing a first class scientific background in vaccinology, illustrated by an extensive publication record and high level of academic recognition.
  • Becoming commercially astute, contributing to international marketing strategy and business development.
  • Being a highly effective people manager and team builder, achieving stretch targets in an environment of change.